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Black Cat Crossing Wide Version

Halloween Display Platform

Black Cat Crossing Wide

In stock and will ships in one business day

The display is designed for the Grimsley Manor and the Grimsly Garage, but will work for other houses as well (if you don't want the raised garage area or the longer driveway, please let us know any can remove it). The driveway starts on the rigft by the sidewalk, curves around and crosses in front of the house, then curves again to the side of the house. On the right of the house is plenty of room for the Grimsly toolshed.

Features of this Halloween display platform include:

Pleaset Note: Our displays are shown with Dept 56 and Lemax Spookytown building and accessories. However buildings and accessories are just for presentation purposes only. No Dept 56 or Lemax Sppokytown items are include with the platforms unless otherwise noted.

If you like the display, but would like something changed, please let us know. We can customize any of our displays.

The Black Cat Crossing version (16" wide) is a smaller version without an area for the garage.

The Black Cat Crossing Extended version (32" wide) has area an area for the garage and a pond.

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Black Cat Crossing 1

Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 2Black Cat CrossingBlack Cat Crossing 4Black Cat Crossing 4Black Cat Crossing 4