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On the bottom of each of our displays is something we call “Electrical Pathways”. These spaces are used so the electrical wires from the buildings and accessories can run underneath the display and out of sight. The battery packs and plugs are designed to come out the back. In some cases, especially if the back of the platform needs to be flush against the wall, having the battery packs or plugs coming out the back is not optimal. We could have simply enlarged the opening in the back of the display so the battery packs and plugs would fit inside, but that would mean the platform would need to be pulled forward each time the battery packs or plugs needed to be turned on or off. If someone formed a larger display by positioning 2 or more displays against each other, and made the seems between the displays disappear by sprinkling extra ground cover over the seems, sliding the displays forward would be an even bigger problem.

Our solution is the Display Stand, which raises the display 4 inches. With the stand, the battery packs and plugs can now be located inside the stand, towards the front. The front panel of the display opens up, so you have easy access to the battery packs and plugs inside the stand. The overall height of the front panel is about 3/4" higher than the stand, leaving about 1/4" of the styrofoam front exposed.

The stand comes with the front panel, but no sides. Why don't we include the sides? The reason is that many people form a larger display by sliding 2 or more displays together. Since only one set of sides are needed per display, we sell the sides separately and that way we can offer the stand at a lower price and there is nothing wasted.


15 1/2" stand which is designed for the Black Cat Crossing, Perilous Pound, and Open Grave Cemetery. $15.95

31 1/2” stand which is designed for the Haunted Harvest Farm and Cauldron's Court. $29.95

66 1/2" stand which is designed for the Final Scream Amusement Park. $49.95

Side panels $7.50



The stands are made out of wood, and are sturdy. There for, they do have some weight to them. Though the price to ship the stands are higher than the cost of shipping the displays, the cost is what we are being charged to send it. Again, we do not make any profit of shipping.