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Captain's Cove

Halloween Display Platform

Black Cat Crossing

What is it about a harbor that is so much fun at Halloween? Is it the tales about the haunted lighthouses where the ghost of the keeper still keeps watch? Is it the spooky feeling when the thick fog rolls in off the ocean and it seems the perfect setting for a horror movie? Perhaps it is all the great pirate stories, and let us not forget about the ghost ships as well. 

This display will hold 4 buildings plus ships and accessories. 3 buildings would go on the right side, and a  lighthouse would go on the left on top of the cliff area. The cliffs, as with the rest of the rocks bordering the sea are all hand-carved, and painted with different shades of gray and black giving them a natural look.

One of the most impressive features is the docks that wraps around the edge of the water. The docks are over 30” long, and made by hand. The docks have a very authentic look to them. We used a weathering solution to give the docks an aged look, which is perfect for Halloween.

The ocean was made from 96 ounces of an epoxy mixture, and tinted with blue to make it looks deep.  We can customize the color of the ocean with more green and less blue to make it look more realistic. The wave have a ripple looks to them which is one of the great features of the display. Though the center area of the ocean appears to have lots of waves, it is actually flat so you that you can place your ship in the water. We dripped one hole through the ocean in the center to that the wires for the ship is hidden from view. If you want other holes drilled or located somewhere else, please let us know.

Features of this display include:

Pleaset Note: Our displays are shown with Dept 56 and Lemax Spookytown building and accessories. However buildings and accessories are just for presentation purposes only. No Dept 56 or Lemax Sppokytown items are include with the platforms unless otherwise noted. As a reference, we feature the following Dept 56 buildings and accessories: Dept 56 Shipwreck Lighthouse, The Spooky Schooner

If you like the display, but would like something changed, please let us know. We can customize any of our displays.

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Black Cat Crossing 1

Black Cat Crossing 1

Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1Black Cat Crossing 1