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Carl's Crazy Carnival

Halloween Display Platform

Display Name:

Carl's Crazy Carnival

# of Buildings: 3 buildings/games
Series: Haunted Hallow Series Designed For: 3 small to large buildings
Size: 31 13/16" x 19 1/2" Ships In: One Day
Price: $85 Optional Stands $15.00
# of Pieces: One Optional Skirting $18.00

In stock and ships in one business day


Welcome to Carl’s Crazy Carnival. You’ve never seen a carnival like this one. From all of the sideshows such as the two headed man or the knife thrower, to the games of chance and skill, Carl has something for everybody. Bring the family down, and be amazed with all the things Carl has to offer.

This display platform is designed to work with the Dept 56 Carnival pieces, but just like all of our displays, it will also work with other Dept 56 or Lemax pieces as well. It will hold three tents/buildings/games going across the back, with plenty of space for accessories in the front. You could also use some of the amusement park rides.

The backdrop shown in the pictures is our October Night backdrop which is sold separately.
If you are looking for something a bit bigger, we have our Final Scream Amusement Park.

Features of this Halloween display platform include:

  • The ground cover is green with seasonal fall colors┬áblended in (reds, orange, yellow, brown, and tan). An extra amount of the ground cover and each accent color is included with the set so you can customize the amount of fall colors that you want on the ground.
  • The pathways, staircases, and walls are all hand-carved.
  • Along the front of the display, a stone wall. This is a common feature to all of our display platforms.
  • Between the cobblestone sidewalk and the front staircase are 4 locations for lampposts. Just like the battery packs on the accessories, we have a wonderful method for displaying the lamppost that keeps them nice and secure
  • This is a 1 piece display

Please Note: Our displays are shown with Dept 56 and Lemax Spookytown building and accessories. However buildings and accessories are just for presentation purposes only. No Dept 56 or Lemax Spookytown items are include with the platforms unless otherwise noted. As a reference, we used the following Dept 56 buildings: Travis Louie's World of Otherworldly Persons, Dolly's World Of Hypnosis, and The Clown House of Terror.

If you like the display, but would like something changed, please let us know. We can customize any of our displays.

Ready to order? See our Ordering Page to begin.

Carnival Dept 56 platform

The picture above shows the Carl's Crazy Carnival display platform. No buildings or accessories are sold with the platform.

Carnival Village Halloween

Except for the first photo, all the rest of the photos shows what the platform could look like with your own buildings and accessories added to it.

Starting from the front left corner we have the Dept 56 Travis Louie's World of Otherworldly Persons, Dolly's World Of Hypnosis, and The Clown House of Terror. Along the front are some Dept 56 and Lemax accessories. The lamposts are from Dept 56.


We used our October Night backdrop. This backdrop is available in our Halloween backsrop section (http://www.landscapedisplays.com/Backdrops%20Main.html)

Far left side carnival display



Dept 56 Carnival Left side view


Jalloween Carnival


Halloween Display Platform Carniva


Halloween Village Carnival


Halloween Carnival Right Side


Dept 56 Halloween Carnival Right Side


CArnival for Dept 56 Village