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Full Moon Shopping District

Halloween Display Platform

Full Moon Shopping Distrcit Halloween Display

Welcome to the Full Moon Shopping District. A festive plot of land where you’ll find everything and anything you may need. During the day, this is a fun place to shop, but when the sun goes down, its becomes a spooky place. With room to fit 10 - 11 buildings plus accessories, 3 elevations for your buildings and accessories (4 if you count the front sidewalk area), and cobblestone pathways throughout, this display platform will certainly take your village to a new and exciting level.

This display platform also has a trick and a treat ready for you. The trick is that this display platform is actually the Final Scream Amusement Park display platform. We simply removed the rides/attractions and some accessories and replaced them with the buildings and accessories you see in the photos. The treat is that with this one display platform, you can change the theme very easily. 

On the first level (nearest the front) are two large cobblestone areas for your buildings and accessories (one on the left and one on the right). Each area can hold two buildings and accessories. The curving stonewalls makes a great backdrop for your pieces. Between these two cobblestone areas, in the center is another staircase leading up to the second level.

One of the main features of the second level is the circular pathway with room for lampposts, park benches, trees and accessories all around it. On the inside of the circular pathway is plenty of room to showcase your favorite building and accessories (any of the cobblestone pathways that intersect in the center can be covered over with extra groundcover to make it disappear).This area can also be used as a cemetery or as a park.

On the outside of the circular pathway, On the left and right are areas for a building and accessories. In the pictures we show the LaGhostie Movie Theater on one side and the Brew-Ha-Ha on the other. There is enough room to place the buildings at an angle, facing in towards the center of the display.

The third level is along the back and has a large cobblestone area that will hold up to four buildings and accessories. Features of this display include:

We strongly suggest purchasing our display stands or creating you own. The stands raises the display four inches off your table or counter, so the powercords and wires can be located under the display. Without the display stands (or something similar) the battery packs and cords would be coming out the sides. Many of the cords for the acessories with battery packs are short (around 12") and can not reach to the back of the display. We also offer skirting in a season pattern to go around the platform to hide the display stands, battery packs and wires.

Please Note: Our displays are shown with Dept 56 and Lemax building and accessories. However buildings and accessories are just for presentation purposes only. No Dept 56 or Lemax items are include with the platforms unless otherwise noted.

If you like the display, but would like something changed, please let us know. We can customize any of our displays.

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Display Platform Notice

Full Moom Halloween Display Platform

Front and top view of the display platform. In the center of the platform is the premiere location to showcase your favorite building or accessory (we are showing the Dept 56 Halloween Clock Tower in this location). There is a circular pathway that curves around the entire area, and 4 other straight pathways that project out to the other parts of the display. Along the pathways are locations for lampposts, benches, trees and other accessories.

Halloween village display - front shopping platformDept 56 Halloween platform

Front view of the display with the Dept 56 Halloween Clock Tower as the main attraction. We also used accessories from both Dept 56 and Lemax Spookytown.

Halloween Dept 56 Display Front Left View

Spooky Halloween Platform Display Debt 56Halloween Shops BarkerFar View Dept 56 ShopsDownard Angle Shops for Halloween VillageHalloween Movie Theator

The first level (the level closest to the front) has a large cobblestone area on the left and the right for buildings and accessories. In the area on the left we used two buildings by Dept 56. The curving stone wall with the fence on top makes a great backdrop for this area.

Halloween Costume Accessory Dept 56

Far View Halloween Shops Dept 56Hair Today Dept 56 Hallween VillageCrow'a view Halloween ShopsTree View Halloween display Platform

In the area on the right we used two buildings by Dept 56 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow and the BeWitching Costume Shop. We also have many accessories including some from Lemax Spookytown.

Movie Theator Dept 56 Halloween Village

Rear View Halloween Shops Night Time View Movie Theator Dept 56 HalloweenHalloween Shops Dept 56 HalloweenLong View Halloween ShopsAround The Pathway view Dept 56 Platform

Level 2 (same level as the Halloween Clock Tower) has an area on the left and right for the buildings and accessories. Each area is 9 1/2" wide by 10" deep. There is room for lamp posts in front and along the side. We used the Dept 56 LaGhosti Movie Theater on the area to the right. Behind it is level 3, and on the right side we put the Dept 56 Zelda's Wax Museum and Dept 56 Monster of the Deep.

Rear Left View Halloween PlatformRear Center View Halloween ShopsPeak Viewpoint Halloween ShopsLongways View Halloween Shops

In the center of level 3 is more room for buildings and accessories. We are showing across from left to right the Grimsly's House of Oddities, Helga's House of Fortune, Zelda's Wax Museum and Monsters of the Deep (all from Dept 56).

Left Side View Halloween Spooky Display

Fence View Halloween DisplayPark View Halloween BuildingsDept 56 Halloween BuildingsHalloween Street Lamps Display PlatformHalloween Shops at night

On the left side of level 2 we showing the Dept 56 Witch's Brew Pub. Again, the is room in the front and side of the ride for lampposts and accessories. Behind this area, on the right side of level 3 is another cobblestone area where we have the Dept 56 Grimsly's House of Oddities, and Dept 56 Helga's House of Fortune.

Large Park View Shops Halloween

Center of Park Halloween Dept 56Close up Dept 56 Clock TowerFar View Clock Tower Display HalloweenDownward View Halloween PathwayCandy Apple Dept 56 Halloween

Above are pictures of other center featuring the Dept 56 Halloween Clock Tower, plus other accessories from Dept 56 and Lemax.

Longways Back View of Halloween DisplayCloseup of Ghost for Dept 56Candy Apple STand Dept 56 Halloween Display PlatformEvening overview Halloween DisplayDark Park Halloween Display Platform for Dept 56

Other display platforms that coordinate with this one: Cauldron's Court Expanded version, Full Moon Amusement Park and The Cliffs