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Halloween Village Display Platforms



Can you feel the excitement? There is a chill in the air. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer. T-shirts and shorts have been replaced with hoodies and jeans. The green leaves of summer have turned into the orange, red and tan leaves of fall. But it is not just fall, it is Halloween. Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns adorn many front door steps while mums, scarecrows, and hay bales decorate the yard. Leaves crinkle under your footsteps as ghost and goblins hide around every corner, just inching to scare you.

Like all of our village disiplay plaforms, our Halloween display platforms offers store quality design, innovated features, various sizes and prices, expandable, and the best part of all - they are easy to set up.

The displays are arranged in series. One of the innovative features of these display platforms is that each is designed to coordinate with any other Halloween display platform in the series. Simply slide the displays together to form a larger display area. Key features of each display platforms are designed to line up when the platforms are put together. With displays platforms such as a residential area, town square, farm, amusement park, rail road station, sea port and more, you can create a spooktactular Halloween displays that is custom to your collection and that you’ll enjoy year after year after year.

The ground cover we use on our Halloween display platforms is green. We also include ground cover in seasonal fall colors with the display so that you can customize the amount of fall color you'd like. Simply sprinkle on as little or as much of each of the seasonal fall ground cover as you'd like to create the perfect fall ground coverage.

The pathways, staircases and walls are all hand carved, lightly coated with a hardening agent, sanded then painted. It is a four step process that creates some wonderful features with an aged and slightly deteriorating look, which is perfect for Halloween.

Our grave system is another innovative features that is in many of our displays. We actually carve the graves out of the display, then paint the sides and bottoms in earth tones. With our system, each grave can assume one of several different situations such as a grave that looks like it was just dug up (brown ground cover which looks like dirt can be piled around the open grave), a grave where someone has been freshly buried (the top of the grave is covered by the dirt colored ground cover), a grave that has been buried for a while (the grave is covered over by the green ground cover), or have a posable skeleton crawling out of the grave or have a coffin sitting in the open grave (an incredible look).

The displays are created by people who are not only village enthusiast, but model railroad enthusiasts as well. The results are rivers, ponds, lakes, waterfalls, rocks and mountains that look realistic and will sure to make your display the center of attraction.

Click on the pictures or titles below to see additional pictures, descriptions and measurements of each display. When you are ready to order, simply send an email to loreilly123@hotmail.com and let us know what you are interested in and your zip code (to determine shipping cost).

Pleaset Note: Our displays are shown with Dept 56 and Lemax Spookytown building and accessories. However buildings and accessories are just for presentation purposes only. No Dept 56 or Lemax Sppokytown items are include with the platforms unless otherwise noted.

Haunted Hollow Series

19 1/2'' Deep

Black Cat CrossingBlack Cat Crossing Wide VersionBlack Cat Crossing Extended VersionPerilous PondPerilous Pond Extended VersionOpen Grave CemeteryOpen Grave Cemetery ExtendedHaunted Harvest FarmFinal Scream Amusement ParkCauldron's CourtLower Providence Train StationCaptain's Cove

Dept 56 Halloween Carnival

Carl's Crazy Carnival


Halloween Dept 56

Watch Your Step



Booville Series

45 1/2'' Deep

Cauldron's Court ExpandedFull Moon Shopping DistrictFull Moon Amusement Park


Halloween Combo

45 1/2" Deep by 80" Wide

Cauldron's Court ExpandedFull Moon Amusement Park



Valley of the Unknown

Halloween Mantel