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Display Platform Stands and Skirting Email

Our display stands (think of them as risers) allows the plugs and battery packs from your houses and accessories to be conveniently located under the platform instead of coming out the back or sides of your platform. The stands are four inches tall, sits on top of your table or counter, and your platform sits on top of the stands. The stands are $2.50 each. For larger displays such as the Cauldron's Court Expanded or the Candy Cane Lane Expanded, we strongly suggest purchasing the stands.

To hide the plugs, battery packs and stands, and to give your platform a more finished look, we suggest our skirting. The skirting is five inches tall, wraps around the front and sides of the platform, and gets pinned to the base of your platform. This gives you easy access to turning on and off your plugs and battery packs.

Below is an example of the pattern on our Christmas skirting. The pattern may be different depending upon availability.